Thursday, 18 May 2017

Spoonbills' Falcon Hospital Visit

Spoonbills had a fantastic time at the Falcon hospital yesterday. They had the opportunity to learn more about Falconry and hold a Falcon. They even saw a Falcon being treated by a vet. As well as seeing Falcons some children got to see owls and peahens. The children were able to hold a falcon, they were so brave, some were frightened but many still held one and overcame their fears. One dog was improving her agility, learning tricks and undergoing training. Much to Miss Orr's delight they visited a room full of cats! All in all a fabulous trip!

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Storks - Visit to the Falcon Hospital

The Storks had a wonderful time visiting the Falcon Hospital today! We learned about the 3 different types of falcons that live in the UAE and that the females are always larger than the males. Most of us were brave enough to hold a falcon and have our picture taken with it. We then went to see some falcons in the moulting cage, where the air is chilled to ensure the best moulting environment during the hot summer months. Then we went to see the dogs and were treated to an agility performance from a very cute little doggy. Finally, we went to see the cats in the cattery! Miss Orr wanted to take the wee cat with only 3 legs home! What a brilliant day!

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Year 2 Herons had a fantastic time during reading week. We read and discussed the story of Aladdin and had fun retelling it in our own words. We really enjoys Morgane's mum as our mystery reader.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Flamingos Buddy Reading

Flamingos really enjoyed buddy reading with Year 4 Warblers. So much so that they asked for more time to carry on. It was really nice for them to read their new book fair books to each other. It was lovely to see them praise and help each other whilst reading. 

Spoonbills - Book Character Day

Spoonbills have really enjoyed dressing up as some of their favourite book characters!
Can you guess who we all are?

Monday, 1 May 2017

Book Week :)

It's Book Week and we are having a great week in Sandpipers Class. During our literacy lessons this week we are making our very own Big Book based on the story of Aladdin. Yesterday we visited the Book Fair and bought some amazing books. That's not all, today we are all dressed up as our favourite book characters. Have a look at the picture, can you guess who we are?

Storks - Reading with Year 4 Wagtails

So far Book Week at Al Yasmina in Year 2 has went incredibly well. The Storks were very fortunate today to visit the Year 4 Wagtails in order to read with them and enjoy different stories and poems together. We got off to a fabulous start when the Wagtails children performed the poem 'The Bogeyman' for the Storks children and managed to make some of us 'jump' and then laugh. The Storks children then impressed the older children by reading the books they brought with them to them; then the Wagtails read some of their books to us. Thank you to the Year 4 Wagtails for supporting our little learners and helping them to read their books beautifully.